Incidental Music

Georges Brecht (1961)

Music for solo performer

Alvin Lucier (1965)


Christian Wolff (1968)

I am sitting
in a room

Alvin Lucier (1969)

Looking North

Christian Wolff (1969)

(Hartford) Memory Space

Alvin Lucier (1970)

Chain II

Tom Johnson (1976)

The Big Rumble
and The Tiny Blip

Tom Johnson (1976)

Music on a Long
Thin Wire

Alvin Lucier (1977)

Pendulum Music

Steve Reich (1978)

Ear Piece

Pauline Oliveros (1998)

Willing Victim

Joseph Kudirka (2007)

A Few Silence

G. Douglas Barrett (2008)

Amplified Audience

Philip Corner (2008)

Ricercare of where
the f*** are we ?

Paul Whitty (2008)

Forever got shorter
(from a t-shirt of the same name)

Seth-Kim Cohen (2010)